It looks like we found our niche 😍

We are scoring first in Amazon search when you type fantasy humour Obviously not many people think fantasy can be absolutely hilarious, but hey, that gives us a chance to build our brand. All I can ask now is please get it for free and enjoy it, and if you are kindly leave the reviewContinue reading “It looks like we found our niche 😍”

Far East – my love

Not so long ago Goodreads posted a question on their Twitter about the desirable locations for the book settings. For as long as I remembered I had two cultural fascinations in my life. Easter Europe(duh!) and Far East Asia. When I was writing the AUTUMN CHAOS one of my goals was to bring a bitContinue reading “Far East – my love”

The ritual

via GIPHY Every single morning before I start to do anything else I have to go through “Initiation of the day” ritual. It starts from jumping on my bladder to wake me up, then intercepting my stride to make sure I will find my way to the kitchen where the pack of starving cats lookContinue reading “The ritual”

Querying frenzy

I’ve spend most of my yesterday afternoon sending queries. It sound simple and straightforward. Produce email, attach synopsis and 3 Chapter writing sample and off you go. BUT You are trying to make a query letter appealing and at least vaguely personal rather than soulless template sent to every one. That gives me hours ofContinue reading “Querying frenzy”

Hail all editors

In the process of writing a book my polish mind occasionally got a bit to creative. Mark is THE EDITOR in our duo and is braves the craft polishing my polish syntax and “interesting translations of polish phrases but yesterday I got him good and he couldn’t stop laughing. So let me quote his FacebookContinue reading “Hail all editors”

Like a frog for the rain

My annual leave is slowly going to end, and I feel like I need more of it. I was waiting for it like a frog for the rain, and finally, it is, except … well … it didn’t go as planned. I have a book to revise and occasionally re-write some paragraphs. Suddenly there isContinue reading “Like a frog for the rain”

Freaking cat

I know I’m quiet lately, but we are working on the feedback from beta readers polishing the craft enhancing or deleting the scenes and generally making the manuscript better. We approached the work with a questionnaire to be able to standardise the answers. It was a very good move as feedback is consistent and allowsContinue reading “Freaking cat”

Editing your own work

A long time ago I’ve binged on Chinese historical drama. It was really good, a proper romance but in the most important moment subtitles flipped and was so bad and yet so hilarious that I saved a snapshot of it. Why it is relevant? Editing your own work after feedback from beta readers feels justContinue reading “Editing your own work”

When life gives you cherries

Not my words, but the feedback we received on the book. It feels like summer and cherries and even if there is still a long road ahead it looks much less daunting now. I have to be honest with you guys, from the prologue I was in absolute fits of laughter, and it pretty muchContinue reading “When life gives you cherries”

the message that made my day

The day job was becoming difficult lately and I have very little energy to write. Our first book is out with beta readers and during the lunch break, I’ve got the message that made my day. So, forgive me but I feel like I need to brag. 😊

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