Newsletter 17/03/23

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It Arrived!

We are finally home, after 12 hours journey we arrived to be greeted by this 🙂 I’m too tired to write how happy we are, but it feels so good to hold your own book.

Snoring 😁

Today’s post will be short and sweet . After 7h of riving, 8hours in total spent in the airports and in the plane and sleepless night, we are finally on holidays. Destination: Poland, Occupation: Snoring 🤣 Clearly we enjoying our time so much!

I took a slight break to make a fool of myself.

Sometimes life gets in your way, and despite the best intentions, you struggle to write. The last few days at work were so exhausting that I just came home and became a couch potato. I didn’t have enough energy to write or even edit. Still, I had my excellent partner that fed me sushi andContinue reading “I took a slight break to make a fool of myself.”

Sunday Snippet(Autumn Chaos)

LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE MYSTERY OF MAJESTIC FUR 😏 Warm sunlight caressed Ina’s face, and she stretched like a cat without opening her eyes. She didn’t want to wake up just yet, not when it was nice and warm and… fluffy? Did Boruta jump on the bed when she was asleep? Her handContinue reading “Sunday Snippet(Autumn Chaos)”

Something for your eyes

Thanks to the wonderful Ukrainian artist Kateryna Kolomiiets, I can introduce you today to Marcach of Liath. I hope you all enjoy the artwork and when the Autumn Chaos arrives in September you all can pin for our Captain of the King’s Guards … and Ina’s nemesis. Very hard to resist nemesis. 😉 P.S I’mContinue reading “Something for your eyes”

AUTUMN CHAOS revealed.

        In the land where nothing is as it seems, a single woman with a sharp tongue and vicious temper can hardly find a place for herself.         Ina soon realises that those born as harbingers of chaos have no peace in life and that fate will find you evenContinue reading “AUTUMN CHAOS revealed.”

Are you ready for tomorrow?

I’ve been quiet lately, but for an excellent reason. Today is the day I will put the final dot in WINTER DRAGON, our second book in Season’s War series and … oh boy, a lot happened there. AND TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY Are you ready to see our Ina in all her beauty andContinue reading “Are you ready for tomorrow?”


WE ARE SO EXCITED AUTUMN CHAOS OUR FIRST IN SEASONS WAS SERIES BOOK COVER IS ALMOST READY AND WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT COVER REVEAL 22 OF MAY 2022 Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter before the cover reveal. For those with physical address we will have fancy little trinkets.

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