I took a slight break to make a fool of myself.

Sometimes life gets in your way, and despite the best intentions, you struggle to write. The last few days at work were so exhausting that I just came home and became a couch potato. I didn’t have enough energy to write or even edit. Still, I had my excellent partner that fed me sushi and provided enough coffee for my brain sparked an insane idea – the TikTok.

On the authors’ forum, many advised a TikTok profile and spreading the word about your books and your brand there. So bracing for the challenge that, for my antisocial self, was like climbing a mountain, I made two short videos and posted them.

Oh boy, I’m not the camera persona. Mark keeps calling them cute, and in his “I’m a male who doesn’t want to get in trouble” language may mean it is so bad he had no heart to tell me. Still, the deed is done, and I’m trying to be positive about it.

It was a huge learning experience, first about my pride, because seeing your forty-something face on an arms-length video, you know you are past the “Instagram-ready” date. Second, I did not know what I was doing there and struggled to deliver rushed and punchy content. Nothing reminds you about your age that much like seeing a young book-talker jumping around the screen while sitting there and trying to make sure the camera is not shaking.

So here you have me blabbing about the hard author’s life. Is it that bad that Mark calls it cute? Let me know in the comments.

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