Like a frog for the rain

My annual leave is slowly going to end, and I feel like I need more of it. I was waiting for it like a frog for the rain, and finally, it is, except … well … it didn’t go as planned.

I have a book to revise and occasionally re-write some paragraphs. Suddenly there is a lot of non-clinical work I have to do popping to my email box despite automatic messages I’m on leave. There are European collateral projects I took on because they are made for me, except allocated work time of course.

Now I’m a little bit tired.

In the morning, Mark and Serennah busy themselves getting to work/school. Mark traditionally assaulted me in bed demanding his “50’s wife work departure kiss” because no matter how asleep you are no man should leave the house without a goodbye kiss. 😊

Half awake I thought to myself: I just need one more hour and then I will go to my “writer-work” followed by “work-work” (a euphemism I use to mark my doctor administrative job working from home responsibilities from the chores otherwise called “house-work”).

… or so I thought

4 hours later, I was awakened by 3 angry cats jumping up and down on me, 2 others fighting downstairs to get human attention and a rabbit thrashing in the cage. Safe to say my menagerie was not impressed that mother overslept feeding time so badly.

I fed the angry crowd before they decided to eat me, and now I’m nursing my coffee feeling like the ancient one before I shift my ass to do some actual work.

Yup, this day went royally to f..cuk itself, or maybe I should say didn’t go as planned

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