Querying frenzy

I’ve spend most of my yesterday afternoon sending queries. It sound simple and straightforward. Produce email, attach synopsis and 3 Chapter writing sample and off you go.


You are trying to make a query letter appealing and at least vaguely personal rather than soulless template sent to every one. That gives me hours of reading through agent’s profiles to find one who is interested in fantasy and possibly would take our book. And to find this little knack you could use as “personal interest”

Of course you don’t want to appear as a total ass telling them how you think your book is great. Of course every author thinks their book is bloody best and I’m not an exception but on the realistic side I know it has it’s niche and it’s very entertaining but I’m not a Tolkien 😉

Once you slave through it and you send the email, comes panic. Did I spell their name right? Did I spell my name right? … What the hell is my name? And so on.

But the deed is done and all I have to do is waiting 6 to 8 weeks for the response that according to all aspiring authors self help tutorials would be most likely rejection. 😋

Oh and aspiring author DIY advice for me. A Query tracker app, my life saver to follow up the queries . https://querytracker.net/index.php

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