The ritual

Every single morning before I start to do anything else I have to go through “Initiation of the day” ritual.

It starts from jumping on my bladder to wake me up, then intercepting my stride to make sure I will find my way to the kitchen where the pack of starving cats look at me like the only hope for their salvation

Zuza my smart girl is the quality control manager, because my morning coffee must be to her liking. And once I finish I busy myself in the kitchen and clean the cat litter. My hoard then take turns making it dirty again.

Half an hour later when I can finally sit down , scroll through the news and maybe write something in the book my kitty cats decided to add new point to the morning ritual. Playing with mother’s dressing gown strings. And cat gods’ forbid I refuse. Sharp claws on my thigh remind me my position in the hierarchy.

They have trained me so well I can’t write a word before the ritual is completed. Mark states I have parasite in my brain that make me obedient to the cat overloads. Not that I agree but maybe one day I will write the book about it, if the cats allow. 😉

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