Anxiety bandong-a- donk

Our first book is with Beta readers, and our query letter is being worked up by professional to make it appealing for agents and publishers. All seems to be on the right path and going as planned and I can’t help to get bouts of anxiety each time I think about it. What if theContinue reading “Anxiety bandong-a- donk”

a life of a doctor

Working in ED has its perks, mostly just seeing unspeakable things people do to themselves and trying to keep straight face when you fixing it, or having amazing nurse colleagues that always have your back, or being able to teach your junior doctors and see the eureka moment in their eyes. BUT it can alsoContinue reading “a life of a doctor”

Finally, they are out.

After Mark’s perfectionism finally let him release our triple edited book, we send the first copies to our Beta Readers. I feel both excited and scared. Not time to rest a little and wait for the feedback. So, wish us luck.

One is playing when another one is working 😁

When Mark is working his butt off re-editing an already edited book(I know, I know but he is a perfectionist 😏). I was playing with cover graphic a new blurb and generally hyping myself up. But, enough procrastinating today time to sit down and continue to write “Winter Dragon” Blurb (new version) When a batteredContinue reading “One is playing when another one is working 😁”

The Foreign Affairs – my take on issue.

As you know our writers’ duo is half Polish. I grew up in the shade of the Soviet Union, now living away from Poland, I’m devastated seeing what is happening in Ukraine. I’m worried about my country and being a fatalist I don’t believe in NATO’s successful defence or world sanctions. What I believe isContinue reading “The Foreign Affairs – my take on issue.”

Between writing and being a responsible adult

Sometimes the major problem in fulfilling your writing goals is your life. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to the point (and probably never will, but hey, one has to try) when, as renowned writers, we can sit and pour on the paper all the stories we have in our heads. Instead, I’m trying to be aContinue reading “Between writing and being a responsible adult”

A little snippet from “Autumn Magic”

” Ina welcomed the morning through narrowed eyes, the beautiful rays of the sun penetrating through a gap in the curtains. Birds were singing softly in Velka’s lush garden whilst Boruta found his way to Ina’s chest and now was sitting there smacking her cheek, asking for food. Raising her head from the soft fluffyContinue reading “A little snippet from “Autumn Magic””

Happy Cat Day my fellow Crazy Cat people (Diesel Story)

Love can make miracles. This is my Diesel – the day I found him coated in diesel oil and a few months later. Sometimes you choose to be a hero, more often it is thrown on you like a cart of bricks. It was around 4am, still dark and we were driving back from visitingContinue reading “Happy Cat Day my fellow Crazy Cat people (Diesel Story)”

Let me play you the song of my people(2020)

To set a background for this story, Mark’s son has autism, a bit of weird form as he loves his cuddles and tickles, also when he is bored or really want something he makes a noise we call singing but … just imagine Florence Foster Jenkins type of opera aria. We also have a disabledContinue reading “Let me play you the song of my people(2020)”

Doctor, doctor,

Being a part-time author and a full-time doctor is not easy. Today my long nine shift ended up in a splitting headache. Crowded ED, difficult patients, doctors sick absence and me trying to make it work. … but at least I can add realistic injury details to every battle. Every job has some perks itContinue reading “Doctor, doctor,”

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