Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day. Mark love to surprise me with unussual gifts – like this chocolate mini me. This Valentines he gave me what I cherish the most – the hard work he puts into out book. Editor job is way more difficult than writting 🙂

Blood gore and new doors (story from 2020)

People do weird things this year; we, for example, decided to exchange doors for a new one. Installation was booked for today at 8 am, so we woke up early in the morning to lock the cats in upstairs rooms; we did not want any accidents with escapees to happen of course. As you allContinue reading “Blood gore and new doors (story from 2020)”

Difficult start

Welcome to our page. We have a difficult start and a few teething problems but I’m hoping to update you all on our progress in writing “Autumn Magic”. Hopefully, once I learn how to operate a website all will be easier, for now all we asked please show us some patients – it is aContinue reading “Difficult start”

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