Anxiety bandong-a- donk

Our first book is with Beta readers, and our query letter is being worked up by professional to make it appealing for agents and publishers.

All seems to be on the right path and going as planned and I can’t help to get bouts of anxiety each time I think about it.

What if the feedback will be bad? Is the query letter shit?

What if the theme is wrong and the market is saturated with this type of stories?

Mark take it a bit easier, but he is well versed in waiting, after all, he waited almost five years before I’ve made up my mind and came to England. But I’m the Queen of here and now, and now the waiting game is really weighing on my nerves. On top of it, I’m stuck with Chapter 7 of the new book. I don’t know what is wrong but … I’m just not feeling it. The words are right but the spirit is bonked and I will have to re-write it again.

Funny each time I walk to work, musing blaring in my ears, I have those excellent ideas of the actions and the right words to picture them perfectly. Then I work and come home and my brain is like

Yeah, they should argue now.

Because why the hell not, and I’m back to re-writing chapter 7.

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