Freaking cat

I know I’m quiet lately, but we are working on the feedback from beta readers polishing the craft enhancing or deleting the scenes and generally making the manuscript better.

We approached the work with a questionnaire to be able to standardise the answers. It was a very good move as feedback is consistent and allows us to extract the issue that is pointed out by more than two readers and work on it. (Standardised beta-reader questionnaire is one of the best advice I found in the internet)

So why the cat. Well, one of the finishing questions is: “Point three things that worked best in the book.”

And everybody raved about the freaking cat.

I know I’m a crazy cat lady and it looks like my next project should be the life of cats or something like this. Maybe I will even get some reward for cat psychology and inner thoughts disclosure.

Anyway, neck-deep in revising we know whatever we do we are not touching the freaking cat arc.

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