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Not so long ago Goodreads posted a question on their Twitter about the desirable locations for the book settings. For as long as I remembered I had two cultural fascinations in my life. Easter Europe(duh!) and Far East Asia.

When I was writing the AUTUMN CHAOS one of my goals was to bring a bit of far east into the book otherwise based on pagan Slavic folklore. Since we are heading toward publishing it, whether via traditional or self publish way I have this subconscious little fear. Will my readers see my cultural appreciation in the right light, or maybe those easily offended will see my main protagonist Ren as an attempt of cultural appropriation?

Despite of all those doubts I’m happy to sneak a bit of Asia into my Slavic world. My beta readers loved him, I love him, and well if Netflix one day want to make us famous 🤣 we don’t have to worry about the lack of the representation.

Still if there is any chinese/japanese/korean asian reading our blog I would love to discuss the concept of our hero and maybe if they are keen, we could do a sensitivity check.

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