Adulting – it’s so overrated.

Easter is coming and with this a holiday period. That means Mark’s children are with their mom and we have whole and QUIET house for ourselves.

Yesterday we came from work completely knackered. Mark had to drive a lot and I had a survival boot in ED, but hey, we managed to keep everyone alive so, at the end not too bad despite all the ED madness.

When we came back home and flop ourselves on the couch like a perfect example of living potatoes I suggest my better half to go and cook some dinner. It didn’t go well. We spend next hour bickering like a toddlers who should go to kitchen listing the deeds of the day up to minor details like making coffee in the morning. Finally I pulled heavy guns.

“So what you prefer my love, cooking dinner or sitting here for the next 2 hours learning how to market our book?”

That tipped the scales. I’ve got an abundance of cod nuggets and chips served with dollop of tartare sauce. Yes you guessed right. My man is SO English.😁 Fish and chips for every occasion best topped with copious amount of vinegar.

Anyway, he went to work and I have my admin day of working from home, and well mainly procrastinating writing the blog instead of writing our second book or diligently checking my patients test results. Not to mention laundry, cleaning and … cooking the dinner.

I really don’t feel like a responsible adult today.

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