I’m not sure what happened, but I’m very happy

So here we are, Launch Week Day #4 and we tripping the Amazon Best Sellers rank in Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Fantasy Adventure and I’m extatic about it … but I just don’t know why and this really bothers me. I’ve engaged in various marketing strategy and something must have worked but which one.Continue reading “I’m not sure what happened, but I’m very happy”

Well…that was intense

Ren and Ina ❤ (Autumn Chaos) I’m not sure I should be an author. Yesterday was our release day, which stressed me the hell. You are giving your “baby” to the world, and you don’t know how it will be received or if anyone would even be willing to buy it. So I spent aContinue reading “Well…that was intense”

3 days to go – a thank you for the team :)

As I’m sitting and twiddling my thumbs waiting for the AUTUMN CHAOS to go live we got another lovely review. And as bragging is my second nature I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing it wait you all We finally manage to set up all formats and now not only eBook but also paperback andContinue reading “3 days to go – a thank you for the team :)”

Pre-release week (1)

It is happening, we are on the last few days before Autumn Chaos become available world wide. Next few posts will be dedicated to this event and on Wednesday 31/August we will announce our pre-release giveaway winner and tell you about new contest so please stay tuned And if you still hesitate whether to getContinue reading “Pre-release week (1)”

I’m going berserk, an attempt of book theft.

This week was an awkward one so far. First, I’m getting anxiously excited about the book release. Typesetting is beautiful, the line art I ordered for Autumn Chaos coming along so nicely, and pre-orders are coming in slowly but steadily. All seems in motion and are in place, and I thought I could relax duringContinue reading “I’m going berserk, an attempt of book theft.”

Just a bit of random news and my stream of thoughts

It is funny when you wake up in the morning and instantly fall into your newish routine. Feed the cats, make a coffee, check the sales, the social media, and the parallel website you were trying your luck on before writing.Mark is still sleeping upstairs as he is not a morning person, and I quietlyContinue reading “Just a bit of random news and my stream of thoughts”


WE ARE SO EXCITED AUTUMN CHAOS OUR FIRST IN SEASONS WAS SERIES BOOK COVER IS ALMOST READY AND WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT COVER REVEAL 22 OF MAY 2022 Don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter before the cover reveal. For those with physical address we will have fancy little trinkets.

A bit overwhelmed

          The last 2 weeks were like a pit of madness to  us. I was anxious about the short story release and how it would be received. There was also planning regarding marketing and another series strategy. On the day of release, I was obsessing about the sales and the reviewsContinue reading “A bit overwhelmed”

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