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Winter Dragon by Olena Nikitin

Winter Dragon

by Olena Nikitin

Giveaway ends December 23, 2022.

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First let me congratulate our Christmas with Olena Giveaway winners:

  1. Melissa Snow
  2. Deb Pelletier
  3. Katrina Dehart

You will get the email with information how to get the reward in the next few hours.

It is also my plasure to announce that we have running Goodreads giveaway if you would liek to join this one.

Now to the actual post. I feel like part of my writer’s life is pulling ropes with Amazon proving that I am me and have rights to my books. This time I have to prove I have necessary publishing rights and it looks like we finally will have to do a step forward and set up a sole trader business.

To be truthful I have knack to make our life difficult. First to accomodate both Mark’s and mine involvement in writing we are publishing under the pen name . Not to mention having Żmijewska on the cover would be a tongue twister for the english speaking world. Second because we intend to write in more than one genre I set up the imprint called Viper Dawn Press. Now I’m feeling as saint trinity having a name, pen name and imprint and Amazon getting bonkers about it.

To make our Winter Dragon available in brick-and-mortar shops I had to additionally publish via Ingram Spark who feed the metadata to Amazon … and now we have a coundrum I have to prove Ingram as Me and KDP as Me is, me.

I swear I’m growng ulcers because of it, but hey step we take for our readers. I will let you know how my setting up paperback and harback of Winter Dragon progressed with Amazon KDP.

To sweeten my morning battle we just get an awesome review from our ARC readers and I feel like I have to quote it.

I love, love, love this high action, dark fantasy book! 😍
It has so many mythical creatures, some of which are my favourite – dragons & elves!
The storyline was quite unique and unpredictable – my interest was peaked from start to finish!
I wish the romance in this book was a little more developed but it honestly made little to no difference – this book is an absolute page-turner!
P.S. there are plenty of spicy scenes for all my smutty lovers!
I also loved the world building and the characters and its safe to say this book is one of my newest obsessions! ❤

Mirella Ivanova(Goodreads)

I hope this review made you smile, it certainly sweeten my day, and with this thought I’m off to write fourth book. Summer… something. 😁 I’m still waiting for the moment of inspiration to get some catchy title.

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