Uncertaintly of Joy

KENP read in February

Something worked, but I don’t know what, and it kills me.

I’m not a successful author meaning I can’t solely sustain myself and my family from my writing work.

Still selling the books and having a good trace of KENP read makes me more successful than about 95% of indie authors. The bare truth is I value more the book quality over my income, and all we earn I invest into the next book – illustration, editing, cover and so on. You can say I’m working two jobs now, one as a doctor, which is my source of income, second as an author, which is so far a labour of love despite providing us with some money. To give you an example. To publish a book that would have a quality of industrial standards, you have to invest approx. £1500, the audiobook cost for one book (350 pages) would be £3000. ( Now you know why we don’t have an audiobook just yet)

Still, I was happy with what we did, and the joy of having books read and reading the review was enough to keep me going. Something changed this month, and I don’t know what. Our books exploded on the market. I see KENP going in thousands every single day with normal books purchased as well, and I’m overcome with joy but also scared shitless.

I don’t know what happened. What have I done differently to have such huge reception, and how can I make it happen again? The money started to get better. I could afford to commission coloured illustrations for the next book instead of linear art, and I’m thinking about how to save for audiobook production. Things started to head in the right direction, and I sat there questioning myself in fear to lose it all.

I don’t know what happened and how, and I can only hope it is a premise for the steady upward trend that will allow me to write more books and give them the quality I want. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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