Lunch break rush.

Today was a little insane. At work day like every day. Sick and injured, running through ED like we have revolving doors and in the midst of this me. A misbegotten author who sucks in marketing counting the time to enrol our book in the new SPFBO.

For those who don’t know what SPFBO is, it is a competition for self-publish fantasy authors and that is their mission statement:

Mission statement: 
The SPFBO exists to shine a light on self-published fantasy. It exists to find excellent books that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. It exists to help readers select, from the enormous range of options, books that have a better chance of entertaining them than a random choice, thereby increasing reader faith in finding a quality self-published read.

It is kind of important in the fantasy self-publishing world, and I was counting the time when the contest would be open. So imagine me rushing for my lunch break at 1 pm then sitting in a dark corner, ignoring my co-workers while furiously typing in my phone to enter book details. Not without juicy cursing on the side, as the form didn’t want to cooperate with Android to finally click send and get the confirmation my book got included.

I mean, bloody hell, it was a race. The full 300-entry slot filled up in less than 40 min, and yours truly still managed to get the spot. Not that I delude myself I have a chance to win. I have a good book, but Autumn Chaos is my debut and far from perfect. But I did it, and now someone will look at it, and I can only hope with kind and appreciative eyes, that maybe it will help me to reach more readers.

It was worth the neck-breaking speed I ran to my office to submit the form, even if I almost knocked my teeth out when I slipped. So stay tuned I will give you an update when I have any, and if you are serious here is the link to SPFBO https://mark—

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