Happy New Year Everyone!

What the year it had been. We left 2022 behind with two big books published and several short stories. We built our subscriber list from 0 to 800. We have people from all over the world signing up for ARC reading the books, and I learned a helluva lot about image manipulation, book typesetting, the publishing process, marketing and so on.

It feels massive, and all while we still work full-time in our day jobs. It was a stressful and tiring time, from learning how to craft the story, how to edit it, what is needed for the plot to menial task, how to set gods dammed Amazon ads to stop losing money there.

Did we earn a lot – (put the horse laugh here) – nope. If we balance the books, we lost more money than we earned, but we are getting there and each month brings more readers, more sales and more reviews. I can say being an indie author is like installing solar panels. You pay a lot upfront and then count on sunny days.

Our plans for 2023?

  • Finish the Seasons War Series

Book 3 – Spring Blight is getting its final polish and will be released in April,

Book 4 – Summer Veil, will be released in July

  • Release Magic and Medicine – paranormal medical romance in Summer
  • Get more subscribers, more followers and maybe, with a bit of luck, get our book viral on TikTok
  • Write two more standalone books from Season’s War or Magic and Medicine universe.

We will see, right now, I wish you all a Very Happy New Year. Thank you so much for reading our stories, all the reviews and your support. Without our readers, there would be no Olena Nikitin. So thank you all for joining our journey.

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