I’m not sure what happened, but I’m very happy

So here we are, Launch Week Day #4 and we tripping the Amazon Best Sellers rank in Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Fantasy Adventure and I’m extatic about it … but I just don’t know why and this really bothers me.

I’ve engaged in various marketing strategy and something must have worked but which one. Definitely not paid adverts because no matter how hard I try I seem not to get a grasp of Amazon AMS ads they just don’t deliver no matter what key words I put in. Maybe Instagram or TikTok, or blog tour? I wish I could repeat this success with the second book but I have no clue how. It is funny and irritating in the same time.

Still this launch taught me one thing. With the visceral way we build our world and our heros we shoudl advertise our books as Dark Fantasy as it is less faff and fluff and more blood and guts than many people can handle, still I like it that way. I think it is my unique Slavic stamp to see things as they are and describe it with witty gritty humour.

Seeing the sales I am a bit hopefull. Maybe my dream of becoming the writer was not such a bad idea. Time will tell but for the moment book two is in it’s final stages and book three is coming along and I’m back to observing sales result.

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