Daddy Bear Voice

I never thought I would say that a perfect audiobook exists, but man, I was wrong. Recently out of boredom, I was scrolling through Audible and found this gem. ‘Hell Fae Captive’ Dark Fantasy Romance by Lexi Foss and J.R Thorn Would I find this book to be as captivating if I read it? ProbablyContinue reading “Daddy Bear Voice”

Sundowners – Bermuda Triangle of dementia

Yesterday’s shift was challenging in many ways, but mostly because we had a “Bermuda Triangle of sundowners”. If you never heard about sundowners, those are patients with dementia that suffer hyperactive nocturnal activity and personality changes as soon as the sun goes down. Seriously, it looks like a clip from Dr Jekyll’s/Mr Hyde’s situation. YouContinue reading “Sundowners – Bermuda Triangle of dementia”

Fight or flight or Teenagers

We are a happy “owners” of a 14 year old daughter who as of this year discovered the glory of looking pretty and attracting pretty teenage boys. Normal thing you say. Well unless you have to live with one obsessed with her hair. On Friday her school was taking her class to the county fair,Continue reading “Fight or flight or Teenagers”

We got the cover … and that’s a surprise

I’m wagging my proverbial tail because we finally have a cover for the last instalment of the Season’s War series, SUMMER VEIL, and frankly, it is gorgeous. Rich, vivid and very much in our style. I’m incredibly proud because this time, we contracted a very talented artist, and, oh man, she delivered. (I’m going toContinue reading “We got the cover … and that’s a surprise”

When slow is too slow?

I like slow-burn romances with building tension between the characters. I like it when the situation doesn’t draw to an immediate conclusion, and insta-love is definitely not my thing. Still, sometimes slow is too slow, and the charm of building tension transforms into annoyance. I read a book recently from my usual relaxing niche, aContinue reading “When slow is too slow?”

April Showers – get yourself books :)

I finished the series😊 And it simply feels nice. On Wednesday I put the last dot in Summer Veil book and with it I finished Ina’s adventures. I must admit I’m very proud of myself. All is neatly tied up and our naughty hero will finally find her freedom. The only caviat is, I feelContinue reading “April Showers – get yourself books :)”