Snippet time – this time from Spring Blight third book in the series.

Plus bonus illustration from Winter Dragon (pre-order HERE 😋) Everyone was already there when she entered Rewan’s office, but to her surprise, the king looked anxious. It was rather odd, as he kept a straight face in the direst of circumstances. Mar and Kaian had already dived into military strategy, evaluating it from every angle,Continue reading “Snippet time – this time from Spring Blight third book in the series.”

Goodreads Giveaway between 01-13/11/22

Goodreads Book Giveaway Autumn Chaos by Olena Nikitin Giveaway ends November 13, 2022. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway I intended to post something smart today but my brain resembles melted jello after last night’s Emergency Department Halloween shift So I will keep it short and sweet. We are having Goodreads giveaway. Enter,Continue reading “Goodreads Giveaway between 01-13/11/22”

Magic and science degree 😎

When I chat with the readers, I often hear the question of how we came up with our magical system and that our Chaos-Order combination is refreshing between the books on the marker. Well, that’s what you get when a woman with a degree in medical science team up with a telecommunication engineer. 😁 Let’sContinue reading “Magic and science degree 😎”

Domestic applications for the dragon 🤣

‘Mar, you grew bigger recently…’ He wasn’t sure whether she was asking or making a statement so he only looked at her with a question in his eyes. ‘I mean, I noticed you become bulkier and taller like your dragon part tries to spread the frame to fit in, and you are hotter to touch’Continue reading “Domestic applications for the dragon 🤣”

Autumn Chaos – Video trailer

I’m getting excited and nervous at the same time as August is coming, we will release ARC books to read for those who sign up, and of course, there will be blood tours and various promo materials. One of those is a video trailer I’ve made for the book and one I’ve bought from aContinue reading “Autumn Chaos – Video trailer”

Something for your eyes

Thanks to the wonderful Ukrainian artist Kateryna Kolomiiets, I can introduce you today to Marcach of Liath. I hope you all enjoy the artwork and when the Autumn Chaos arrives in September you all can pin for our Captain of the King’s Guards … and Ina’s nemesis. Very hard to resist nemesis. 😉 P.S I’mContinue reading “Something for your eyes”

AUTUMN CHAOS revealed.

        In the land where nothing is as it seems, a single woman with a sharp tongue and vicious temper can hardly find a place for herself.         Ina soon realises that those born as harbingers of chaos have no peace in life and that fate will find you evenContinue reading “AUTUMN CHAOS revealed.”

Are you ready for tomorrow?

I’ve been quiet lately, but for an excellent reason. Today is the day I will put the final dot in WINTER DRAGON, our second book in Season’s War series and … oh boy, a lot happened there. AND TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY Are you ready to see our Ina in all her beauty andContinue reading “Are you ready for tomorrow?”

A Litte Accident -editorial review

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