Storms and a hot cocoa

The weather is fickle in Cornwall; we have deep autumn, and that means storms lash the shores with the regularity of the clock. I know some people hate it or even are afraid of it. I understand this completely. Bashing wind and pouring rain drive them mad. For me, it is one of the best times.

The thing is, I love storms. They rewrite my brain, giving it more edge. I love howling winds and rain so heavy it feels like gods were pouring buckets of water on your roof. It gives me inner peace and, in a way, diminishes the real-life problems and struggles to remind me of the power of nature. I function better. I sleep better. I have book ideas that are dark, stormy and intensive, and I love to read and write.

I don’t know why I perceive the weather that way, but my body chemistry seems to synchronise with it, flowing through me in a perfect natural rhyme that gives me so much inspiration. Very dark, kinky and twisted inspiration.

I usually start the live fire and sit down with a hot beverage, letting my cats curl around. My sofa, where I have my writing corner, is my kingdom,  and I dive deep into my stories full of cat pur, bake goodness, murderous vampires ready to slice the throat with one fell sweep of the clawed hand, and the women who can wrap they entire alpha personality around their pinky and team up with the worst bastard to save the world.

That is my little atmospheric kink, and what about you? What is your favourite weather?

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