Sunday snippet

Time for a little something from the book I’m currently writing.

My request startled her, and I realised Nina dozed off, her head resting on Sara’s shoulder.
‘Yes, sorry, it’s in my bag in the bathroom. Give me a moment, please.’ She said, and as soon as Nina left, Sara looked at me, and I swear I shrank a few centimetres under her glare.
‘She’s barely sleeping lately and never eats. You will find her brother, Adam. This is no longer a polite request but an order. I know you leveraged living with you as payment, as well as donating her blood. I’m telling you. I’m not happy. No, scrap that, I am fucking furious. If you’re going to continue with this farce, then I will only allow it under one condition. You will ensure she sleeps and eats well, and… for fuck’s sake, spoil her a little, she deserves it. Also, you won’t feed from her unless she gives you consent. Leszek will rip your head off if you force her.’
‘Will I?’ Leszek looked at his raging wife with barely hidden amusement.
‘Yes, you will, or you and I will have a problem.’ Sara answered, not once taking her gaze off me.

Fangs and Family

Published by Olga&Mark

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