Daddy Bear Voice

I never thought I would say that a perfect audiobook exists, but man, I was wrong. Recently out of boredom, I was scrolling through Audible and found this gem.

‘Hell Fae Captive’ Dark Fantasy Romance by Lexi Foss and J.R Thorn

Would I find this book to be as captivating if I read it? Probably not. It is a typical book for the genre with interesting M/F, M/M and M/F/M interaction and plenty of smut, but the audiobook casting made it a masterpiece.

There are 5 main characters, one lady and four men. Two of them are voiced by the same actor, a soft but stern and playful baritone that makes you want to snuggle on this man’s lap and let him take care of you. The other two are so different stories. Especially Lucifer/Ty’s voice was mesmerising. If anything, it gave me the big daddy bear impression. A benevolent empowered man who has the final saying in everything. Just delicious. Let’s not forget Az’s low stern voice that projected menace and dominance.

The plot was a bit of Hunger Games, entertaining enough to keep me engaged, but the conversation and character interactions sealed the deal for me.

So if you like good smut, exciting character interaction, very liberal intimate configurations, and all voiced in a way that makes you close your eyes and immerse yourself in the story. This book is undoubtedly for you, and I can’t wait for the audiobook of the next book in line.

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