Fight or flight or Teenagers

We are a happy “owners” of a 14 year old daughter who as of this year discovered the glory of looking pretty and attracting pretty teenage boys. Normal thing you say.

Well unless you have to live with one obsessed with her hair.

On Friday her school was taking her class to the county fair, where as I learned, after the event, there were some stunts performed by the older boys on their off-road bikes. Sounds fun… not.

Because the bloody bugger had to look pretty for the event. The need was so great that she woke up at 5am to take a shower and do her hair. Five in the morning, a teenager, and no she wasn’t mindfull about the noise either.

So yours trully woke up in utter panic to the sound of a deluge and banging, thinking a pipe burst in the house and someone is trying to rob us, simultaneously. I jerk the covers and jump to run to rescue. That in turn woke up Mark who went into “sleepy knight battlemode’ grabbing fist object to thew into the attacker which happened to be empty plastic milk bottle he drank overnight.

But no, we were safe, it was only a teenager taking a shower at such an ungodly hour without thinking that our bedroom and bathroom share a wall.

If you find this post a little rambling, know that it is 6:30 am and I barely sipped my coffee.

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