We got the cover … and that’s a surprise

I’m wagging my proverbial tail because we finally have a cover for the last instalment of the Season’s War series, SUMMER VEIL, and frankly, it is gorgeous. Rich, vivid and very much in our style.

I’m incredibly proud because this time, we contracted a very talented artist, and, oh man, she delivered. (I’m going to contract her for our future covers, too. All hand-painted, no AI, but the effect is finger-licking good.)

I shared the cover with my  ARC team group on Facebook and received positive feedback. Now they are going to pick up the version they like best – the privilege of the ARC team  😁

We strive to release the book on the 28th of July, and I’m cracking my proverbial whip over Mark’s head to finish the last edit. Now he complains about his Cornish blue skin (he is so white that almost transparent) becoming even whiter because he spends his days locked in the office like a Rapunzel in the tower. I have no heart to tell him he misses the princess attribute – a long, soft braid.

Still, before you pity him, he has a supply of cola, cookies and whatever unhealthy food his editor’s heart desire. All to finish in time to release a book for a holiday. Stay tuned for Wednesday. I will find something juicy for you.

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