Define your target audience

When you write a book, initially, you would only want to write a book you would love to read, but the more you dive into the craft and market, you realise you should at least try to cater to your target audience. And here comes the problem: what is your target audience, how to defineContinue reading “Define your target audience”

Autumn Chaos – Video trailer

I’m getting excited and nervous at the same time as August is coming, we will release ARC books to read for those who sign up, and of course, there will be blood tours and various promo materials. One of those is a video trailer I’ve made for the book and one I’ve bought from aContinue reading “Autumn Chaos – Video trailer”

I took a slight break to make a fool of myself.

Sometimes life gets in your way, and despite the best intentions, you struggle to write. The last few days at work were so exhausting that I just came home and became a couch potato. I didn’t have enough energy to write or even edit. Still, I had my excellent partner that fed me sushi andContinue reading “I took a slight break to make a fool of myself.”

Just a bit of random news and my stream of thoughts

It is funny when you wake up in the morning and instantly fall into your newish routine. Feed the cats, make a coffee, check the sales, the social media, and the parallel website you were trying your luck on before writing.Mark is still sleeping upstairs as he is not a morning person, and I quietlyContinue reading “Just a bit of random news and my stream of thoughts”

AUTUMN CHAOS revealed.

        In the land where nothing is as it seems, a single woman with a sharp tongue and vicious temper can hardly find a place for herself.         Ina soon realises that those born as harbingers of chaos have no peace in life and that fate will find you evenContinue reading “AUTUMN CHAOS revealed.”

Are you ready for tomorrow?

I’ve been quiet lately, but for an excellent reason. Today is the day I will put the final dot in WINTER DRAGON, our second book in Season’s War series and … oh boy, a lot happened there. AND TOMORROW IS A BIG DAY Are you ready to see our Ina in all her beauty andContinue reading “Are you ready for tomorrow?”

Little things that matter to a writer

“Today, I’ve learned that I, an unknown author have a dedicated fan who is in “team Ina” (the fictional character from Autumn Chaos/A Little Accident novel). She even made fan art. I hope she knows how much it means to us.”@olena_nikitin When you write a book at first you just want to pour your thoughtsContinue reading “Little things that matter to a writer”

Not at my best

Well, it was one helluwa awful night last night. Like something broke in my head, and I struggled to fall asleep, but when this eventually happened, my tickly throat and whooping cough woke me up. The only good thing was I didn’t have to go to work the following day, as I hate these sleeplessContinue reading “Not at my best”