3 days to go – a thank you for the team :)

As I’m sitting and twiddling my thumbs waiting for the AUTUMN CHAOS to go live we got another lovely review.

And as bragging is my second nature I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing it wait you all

We finally manage to set up all formats and now not only eBook but also paperback and hard cover is available both on Amazon and on various other platforms. By the way hardcover has some juicy illustrations to go.

Things are getting a little bit crazy on the blog tour as we suddenly get so many followers on Twitter and Instagram and I can’t be happier about it. Also may people declared on Goodreads they would like to read our book. And although I don’t see such huge spike in sales one can only hope that everybody is waiting for the release day when the book is available on Kindle 😊

Mark is on the last paragraphs of WINTER DRAGON and I’m hoping we will send it to beta readers in next 3 days and that mean second book will be available before Christmas. I’m still learning how to plan my “publishing industry” and cats only knows I would so do with a personal assistant. I feel like wherever I turn my head around there is something to do and that is on the top of my day job. Maybe one day I can afford one and Chrissy my medical secretary will be free from NHS (I’m telling you this woman is a marvel in organising things), one can only dream .

This release also allowed us to meet a wonderful people that not only like us as authors but also interacts with us on a very humane friendly level. Let me name a few, we met Sally Altass – a fellow author who support us in our journey, young @Charm📖 – whose passion for books and enthusiastic reviews always makes us smile, our beta and alpha readers whose opinion keeping us in check and improve our craft and reader’s experience.

Finally we are blessed with having a team of amazing artists from cover designer Germancreative, graphic designer Daianav and illustrator FukamiHB. There is also a copy editor Anne-Marie Rutella who polished our book to the level it is now. It takes a good team to make a good book and I believe we mange to gather the best, all I can ask now is to have a little bit of luck and be noticed so my current and potential readers can enjoy it.

… and if you want to interact with us on day to day levels, share post and meet like minded people. Please join our group Funtasy with Spice

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