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It is funny when you wake up in the morning and instantly fall into your newish routine. Feed the cats, make a coffee, check the sales, the social media, and the parallel website you were trying your luck on before writing.
Mark is still sleeping upstairs as he is not a morning person, and I quietly envy this ability to have a rest and to be oblivious to the world (read: cats) needs in the morning. I’ve become a busy bee lately, so no sleepover for the wicked.
Our ARC launch team is filling nicely, and I’m hoping we will give AUTUMN CHAOS a good start. I am re-reading books lately because on June 27th, it is going for professional copy editing, and I want to provide Anne-Marie (our editor) with the best version. And you know what? I really like it. …OK, I’m rambling and bragging, but it is Sunday, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and I’m happy, so why not?
In my stream of thoughts, I was trying to say that I’m trying to decide what little tokens I could give to our launch team as appreciation for their support. Of course, they will all be named in the book together with my beta readers’ team. But, so far, the ideas I have are a magnetic bookmark and fridge magnet.

Any advice on this? What would you like to get as a promo gift?
Magnetic Bookmark

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