Mark and the hand grenade

The morning to remember. We had a very productive day yesterday. Mark edited 3 chapters, I wrote a lot, and we did some silly stuff and promo up till late. That rendered us exhausted, and safe to say the night was a modern version of sleeping in the separate bedrooms titled “keep to your sideContinue reading “Mark and the hand grenade”

How to get banned in 3…2…1

Today is the funny one. Let me tell you the story of how I get banned from one of the book groups. To give you the context. I find inspirational quotes and uplifting memes insufferable. They are well intended but silly at best and patronising at least, not to mention the quality and most ofContinue reading “How to get banned in 3…2…1”

The art. Of suturing.

 We all face the embarrassing moment every now and again. Not so long ago was my turn, and I didn’t even do anything stupid. Just tried to help one of my co-workers. The consultant’s job has little to do with moving patients on the bed or making the bed. Still, I have never worn aContinue reading “The art. Of suturing.”

Raging dad, and drama llama daughter

Yup, you guessed it right; we had a small teenager catastrophe in the house yesterday. Mark’s normally pleasant and well-behaved daughter decided Friday was a day to become a full-blown teenager and go wild. Let me tell you about it. We were excited to have “an adult long weekend”, one of the rarest occasions whenContinue reading “Raging dad, and drama llama daughter”

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