I should write but I’m working rally hard to be evil stepmother

I surely never asked for this, but Mark came with the package, and one day, I unexpectedly became a stepmother. I have to tell you, I absolutely suck in it. In every fairytale stepmother is an evil witch that makes the child’s life miserable, and I truly aspire to this pinnacle of family relations, butContinue reading “I should write but I’m working rally hard to be evil stepmother”

Those night’s intimate moments

I don’t think I can live through this embarrassment. Have you ever wondered where the misunderstanding tropes came from in the books? Yeah, you guessed from the author’s real life. Yesterday, I committed one that would be great if I wrote a contemporary romance. I was on the late shift. Shit hit the fan inContinue reading “Those night’s intimate moments”

Iceland – my dream come true

I love to scroll through TikTok and news articles first thing in the morning when we have time to relax in bed. Mark reads his manga comics and peeks over my shoulder when I watch any funny stuff I find. Today, the first thing I saw was news about an Icelandic town evacuated because ofContinue reading “Iceland – my dream come true”

I think Mark was trying to kill me

He is a wonderful man who drives and picks me up from work each time I’m working late. Especially since the weather in Cornwall is challenging at best, and pouring rain happens more often than not. So yesterday, he came as usual, and I had loaded myself into a car. My head is still inContinue reading “I think Mark was trying to kill me”

Our Barcelona holiday

Sometimes you don’t realise how you need it untill you have it. After year of very intensive work, finishing series of books we were burnt out and barely had time for eachother. Barcelona was a revelation, beautiful (albeit very hot city), awesome food, friendly people made us very relaxed and ready to face another challange.Continue reading “Our Barcelona holiday”

Should I call an exorcist?

I’m the happy stepmother of a teenager. Yeah… I know it sucks sometimes, but I’m hoping it will get better with age, and I won’t have to pick up dirty pants and half-eaten sandwiches from her room. Also, maybe with years, we will have more social animal who will emerge from her cave more oftenContinue reading “Should I call an exorcist?”

Ups and Downs

Being a writer sometimes feels like you suffer from bipolar personality disorder. Yesterday, I came home from work too tired to even produce one coherent sentence, not to mention writing an elaborate plot for The Royal Inspector. Too tired to do anything but a couple of promo posts, I felt so bad about it thatContinue reading “Ups and Downs”

Getting old between new things

So I gave myself an early birthday present and learned how old I truly am. During the last year, I spent so much time bent over the laptop that, more often than not, I thought of buying myself something more mobile and lighter. Something that would allow me to spend more time elsewhere than sittingContinue reading “Getting old between new things”