It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p

I was on shift at the hospital today, and… safe to say I almost peed myself laughing, but not just me. My colleague, a medical specialist consultant, was there too, and the story our nurses told during their lunch break left us helpless for a good 20 minutes because we couldn’t stop laughing. So theContinue reading “It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p”

The last editing curve … and we cleaned the garage

This weekend is hugely crowded. We released the cover for Magic and Medicine  and I’m trying to promote Season’s War series left, right and centre. The paying job is seriously messed up with me playing the hero, but despite my best efforts, things went to sh… more often than not. Mark, on the other hand,Continue reading “The last editing curve … and we cleaned the garage”

Magic and Medicine – Cover Reveal

ARC OPEN SIGH UP HERE Danger doesn’t lurk in the shadows. It barges in and smacks you in the face. After years of working in the Emergency Department, Sara thought nothing could surprise her, but when the deceased victim of a stabbing opened his eyes and demanded his knife back, she knew her life hadContinue reading “Magic and Medicine – Cover Reveal”

Not a bad hair day

Sometimes you have to stop writing your book and go to the work that actually pays your bills … and is an endless source of entertainment. You have to know, I love my nurses. The majority of them are professional, experienced and crazy enough to choose emergency nursing as their trade, and THAT is evenContinue reading “Not a bad hair day”

The ARCs, The book and the tiredness.

I’m the most disorganised person ever and that is never a good trait when you are an indie author. I know I missed my regular blog update, but mainly because the last week really kicked my rearend. First we had the ARC release – the majority of the ARC team getting the standard eBook butContinue reading “The ARCs, The book and the tiredness.”

Divorce in the marketplace

With the upcoming release of Summer Veil and the end of the Season’s War series, we are planning some nice PR boxes for those of our Street Team who read, reviewed and lauded our books. I want to make it really lovely, and when we were walking around Truro Craft Fair today, I was engrossedContinue reading “Divorce in the marketplace”

Sundowners – Bermuda Triangle of dementia

Yesterday’s shift was challenging in many ways, but mostly because we had a “Bermuda Triangle of sundowners”. If you never heard about sundowners, those are patients with dementia that suffer hyperactive nocturnal activity and personality changes as soon as the sun goes down. Seriously, it looks like a clip from Dr Jekyll’s/Mr Hyde’s situation. YouContinue reading “Sundowners – Bermuda Triangle of dementia”

We got the cover … and that’s a surprise

I’m wagging my proverbial tail because we finally have a cover for the last instalment of the Season’s War series, SUMMER VEIL, and frankly, it is gorgeous. Rich, vivid and very much in our style. I’m incredibly proud because this time, we contracted a very talented artist, and, oh man, she delivered. (I’m going toContinue reading “We got the cover … and that’s a surprise”

The dread of the Newsletter

For those of you who are not deeply invovled in the writing world let me tell you it is a badge of honour for every writer to have a robust mailing list. Those are our readers who signed up for regular contact via newsletter or new release announcements and we (the authors) treat it likeContinue reading “The dread of the Newsletter”