Mix and mash because it’s Friday.

Our cat being a cat. No matter how grand battle scene is you have to stop when you have to stop when your puss demands attention. 😁 Mix and mash today. As you know I release bi-weekly newsletter about our writing progress and the funny things that happens in our life. You can click onContinue reading “Mix and mash because it’s Friday.”

When life gives you a bit to much to handle

I’m multitasking so much lately I sometimes feel I don’t have energy to do anything else, and yet there are always tings to do. My mom valiantly fights her cancer when I’m trying to help from the back line. Still the feeling of being helpless doesn’t give a good background to do anything else. ItContinue reading “When life gives you a bit to much to handle”

Just a bit of random news and my stream of thoughts

It is funny when you wake up in the morning and instantly fall into your newish routine. Feed the cats, make a coffee, check the sales, the social media, and the parallel website you were trying your luck on before writing.Mark is still sleeping upstairs as he is not a morning person, and I quietlyContinue reading “Just a bit of random news and my stream of thoughts”

Not at my best

Well, it was one helluwa awful night last night. Like something broke in my head, and I struggled to fall asleep, but when this eventually happened, my tickly throat and whooping cough woke me up. The only good thing was I didn’t have to go to work the following day, as I hate these sleeplessContinue reading “Not at my best”