Mark and the hand grenade

The morning to remember. We had a very productive day yesterday. Mark edited 3 chapters, I wrote a lot, and we did some silly stuff and promo up till late. That rendered us exhausted, and safe to say the night was a modern version of sleeping in the separate bedrooms titled “keep to your side of the bed” (we have a massive bed because I’m a kicker, and he is a plank when it comes to sleeping style).

In the morning, I was barely awake and stretching while reading my daily portion of Manta romance comics when the doors opened, and Mark’s autistic son came in. He is sweet, non-verbal, and with no sense of timing, but he rarely visits us in the bedroom, and I was slightly surprised about what he might want, but the drama unfolded.

You know Mark loves to sleep naked or just in the boxer’s shorts, much to my delight, of course, because I love his “majestic fur.”. Why does it apply to the story? Well, Leo was thirsty and communicated with us in his own way by bringing the bottle of his favourite drink to the bedroom.

… and he placed it on Mar’s naked belly.

… and the bottle was straight from the fridge

…, and I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe, making strangled seal noises for food for 10 minutes.

I wish we had the camera set up because what happened was undescribable even for a writer. Mark’s wounded bear’s roar shook the room. He grabbed the bottle and was going to toss it aside like a hand grenade all this time, looking at me with shock and disbelief, like I was the author of this prank. Leo ran out, so I couldn’t even point out the culprit, not that I was capable of doing so. Cats spring in various directions, startled by the noise and commotion, just Sunday morning mayhem.

It took him a moment to realise it was not my doing, and while he was looking at the glass, expecting a genie in the bottle, I was trying to sort myself together to prepare Leo his drink.

Now we are chilling, nursing our coffee and Mark still pouting. I let all this happen, and I wish we could repeat it just for the camera 🤣

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