Should I follow this heartfelt advice?

The reality of author’s life, and what you can find in your email box.

There is a grain of truth in this random unsolicited email. The authors big and small strive for review. Review means validation for our craft, feedback from the reader that can make or break your day. Finally the sales. And sales matters.

If you want to give your readers a decent book. One with cover that catches the eye. Sentences that are cleared from clunkiness and make sence in the long run. When you want the plot holes to be plugged and you struggle with oxford coma you need to invest in the book and hope that in the long run it will pay off.

Reviews buy the book. Potential reader check the blurb than scrolls down to see what others think about it and that influence their decision to buy a book so authors, ask and brag with ARC and giveaway to have the reviews.

So as I said there is a grain of truth in this email but no self respecting author will pay for the reviews, and after a good giggle I moved this angry buisness proposal to the spam box.

And speaking of giveaways… Christmas is coming and we would like to celebrate with you so here it comes. Our nevest giveaway. Sign up and enjoy.

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