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Yesterday I added another 2000 words to our third book that I started to call the never ending story. I planned it on 95k as the rest of my books in the Season’s war series, but this book just keep on giving and I’ve already crossed this threshold and still have at least three chapters to write. It looks like our Spring Blight have so many plot threads it will take a moment to tie them up.

We put Winter Dragon on NetGalley, and I admit I did it with a slight tremble as I heard readers there can be quite harsh but hey we got a 5 stars there and our very first Winter Dragon Review that says:

So, celebrating and to give myself a bit of rest before I will brace with the next chapter tomorrow, I decided to watch “1899” on Netflix. It dragged us in, but what a bonkers series it is. I can recommend it to you as a mind-boggling experience. Nothing is as it seems or as it supposed to be and although we were a little sceptic at the beginning, the series dragged us in and we bonged on all 8 episodes overnight. But I won’t give you any spoilers. Just watch it if you can.

Now, you have the post published in the middle of the night UK time, because I’m wide awake and cuddling with cats.

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