Mark and the hand grenade

The morning to remember. We had a very productive day yesterday. Mark edited 3 chapters, I wrote a lot, and we did some silly stuff and promo up till late. That rendered us exhausted, and safe to say the night was a modern version of sleeping in the separate bedrooms titled “keep to your sideContinue reading “Mark and the hand grenade”

Hangover and rewards

I was ment to post earlier but I’m still fighting with effects of hangover. As you know my daily job is to be an emergency doctor and allowing myself for a moment of shamless bragging I think I’m pretty good in it. So yesterday was a big day. Our hospital presented something caused Brilliance AwardsContinue reading “Hangover and rewards”

How to get banned in 3…2…1

Today is the funny one. Let me tell you the story of how I get banned from one of the book groups. To give you the context. I find inspirational quotes and uplifting memes insufferable. They are well intended but silly at best and patronising at least, not to mention the quality and most ofContinue reading “How to get banned in 3…2…1”

Interesting things you can learn from the reviews.

We are still in the release week malarky and first reviews and ratings are coming. We have moslty 5⭐ reviews and ratings, 4.5 on US and 4.6 on US amazon and 4.36 on Goodreads and it makes me very happy. Reading the reviews I’m often surprised how our book is percieved and how our own,Continue reading “Interesting things you can learn from the reviews.”

Am I cursed?

And lets not forget the lake and awesome swim in the wild lake Kraksy My holiday time is as bonkers as the rest of my life. My mother invited everyone to the fancy restaurant near the lake for family dinner. Around 20 people were about to turn up; some hadn’t seen me for the lastContinue reading “Am I cursed?”

Because internet is for porn…books 🤣(review)

Somehow when you write your own book, you don’t have much time for reading but following (yeah, I know!) Facebook advert, I started to read the book called A War God’s Favourite. It was on one of the android apps, the one that operates on a pay-per-view reading scheme, but the first few chapters wereContinue reading “Because internet is for porn…books 🤣(review)”

Yay! It’s Raining

The heat wave came and gone, and our crazy cat household was taught two major lessons. First: no matter how much you love the other person, there is no cuddling during the heat wave. I don’t know what your significant other was like, but Mark was sizzling hot, and with his nordic blue-blonde physique touchedContinue reading “Yay! It’s Raining”

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