It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p

I was on shift at the hospital today, and… safe to say I almost peed myself laughing, but not just me. My colleague, a medical specialist consultant, was there too, and the story our nurses told during their lunch break left us helpless for a good 20 minutes because we couldn’t stop laughing. So theContinue reading “It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p”

Should I call an exorcist?

I’m the happy stepmother of a teenager. Yeah… I know it sucks sometimes, but I’m hoping it will get better with age, and I won’t have to pick up dirty pants and half-eaten sandwiches from her room. Also, maybe with years, we will have more social animal who will emerge from her cave more oftenContinue reading “Should I call an exorcist?”

The last editing curve … and we cleaned the garage

This weekend is hugely crowded. We released the cover for Magic and Medicine  and I’m trying to promote Season’s War series left, right and centre. The paying job is seriously messed up with me playing the hero, but despite my best efforts, things went to sh… more often than not. Mark, on the other hand,Continue reading “The last editing curve … and we cleaned the garage”

Getting old between new things

So I gave myself an early birthday present and learned how old I truly am. During the last year, I spent so much time bent over the laptop that, more often than not, I thought of buying myself something more mobile and lighter. Something that would allow me to spend more time elsewhere than sittingContinue reading “Getting old between new things”

Not a bad hair day

Sometimes you have to stop writing your book and go to the work that actually pays your bills … and is an endless source of entertainment. You have to know, I love my nurses. The majority of them are professional, experienced and crazy enough to choose emergency nursing as their trade, and THAT is evenContinue reading “Not a bad hair day”

Daddy Bear Voice

I never thought I would say that a perfect audiobook exists, but man, I was wrong. Recently out of boredom, I was scrolling through Audible and found this gem. ‘Hell Fae Captive’ Dark Fantasy Romance by Lexi Foss and J.R Thorn Would I find this book to be as captivating if I read it? ProbablyContinue reading “Daddy Bear Voice”

The yearning for emotional constipation.

The last few days were a rollercoaster. We participated in ‘Stuff Your Kindle Day’ and got 15k  downloads and sales for the rest of the series. That gives me the hope that maybe between those thousands of people who downloaded the book, we will get a little luck and be noticed by the mainstream audience.Continue reading “The yearning for emotional constipation.”