Fight or flight or Teenagers

We are a happy “owners” of a 14 year old daughter who as of this year discovered the glory of looking pretty and attracting pretty teenage boys. Normal thing you say. Well unless you have to live with one obsessed with her hair. On Friday her school was taking her class to the county fair,Continue reading “Fight or flight or Teenagers”

Drink writing or count your cocks ;p

Never, ever write when you are drunk. Learn from the older and wiser me that made this mistake a few days ago. I just wanted to add an extra smexy scene to the chapter of Royal Inspector(new standalone). I like to write smexy scenes. I have enough life experience to make it kinky and enjoyable,Continue reading “Drink writing or count your cocks ;p”

Creative Differences

Yesterday Mark and I had a big shouting match about a scene. I can’t tell you much because there would be too many spoilers, but let me ask you a question. If you doing a sad, sweet goodbye, would you ever use a person’s full name? I wouldn’t, but Mar editing Summer Veil insists thatContinue reading “Creative Differences”

Two patients in a price of one – release week fog.

The release of Spring Blight is this Friday, and I admit I’m equally excited as tired about it. This and my endless week of covering the NHS doctors’ strike made my brain shut down to the point I doubted my sanity. On the last shift, I picked up the patient, let’s call her Dawn JohanasContinue reading “Two patients in a price of one – release week fog.”

Your step-daughter first boyfriend.

I’m packing my ARC promo packages today. A thank you card with few book aesthetics and illustrations on the bookmarks and fridge magnets. Nothing much but enough to show appreciation for my ARC readers. My stepdaughter came back from school and as proper tenager with FOMO running high she decided to join in and helpContinue reading “Your step-daughter first boyfriend.”

The perils of late night TV and soft furniture

In UK we have a program called Naked Attraction. It is a trashy cattle-market type of programme, where people present themselves naked for the potential date and are chosen based on their physique. It is entertaining, but because it has a lot of penises and vaginas, it is a late night program. We occasionally watchContinue reading “The perils of late night TV and soft furniture”