I should write but I’m working rally hard to be evil stepmother

I surely never asked for this, but Mark came with the package, and one day, I unexpectedly became a stepmother. I have to tell you, I absolutely suck in it. In every fairytale stepmother is an evil witch that makes the child’s life miserable, and I truly aspire to this pinnacle of family relations, butContinue reading “I should write but I’m working rally hard to be evil stepmother”

Amazon Ads and Nightmares

Have you ever felt like you have no idea what you doing and someone is hitting you in the head with a shovel? Well, that’s me and Amazon ads, or as they are known, AMS. At some point in your career, every indie author just has to do it if they want to sell theContinue reading “Amazon Ads and Nightmares”

Sunday snippet

Time for a little something from the book I’m currently writing. My request startled her, and I realised Nina dozed off, her head resting on Sara’s shoulder.‘Yes, sorry, it’s in my bag in the bathroom. Give me a moment, please.’ She said, and as soon as Nina left, Sara looked at me, and I swearContinue reading “Sunday snippet”

Those night’s intimate moments

I don’t think I can live through this embarrassment. Have you ever wondered where the misunderstanding tropes came from in the books? Yeah, you guessed from the author’s real life. Yesterday, I committed one that would be great if I wrote a contemporary romance. I was on the late shift. Shit hit the fan inContinue reading “Those night’s intimate moments”

Iceland – my dream come true

I love to scroll through TikTok and news articles first thing in the morning when we have time to relax in bed. Mark reads his manga comics and peeks over my shoulder when I watch any funny stuff I find. Today, the first thing I saw was news about an Icelandic town evacuated because ofContinue reading “Iceland – my dream come true”

Storms and a hot cocoa

The weather is fickle in Cornwall; we have deep autumn, and that means storms lash the shores with the regularity of the clock. I know some people hate it or even are afraid of it. I understand this completely. Bashing wind and pouring rain drive them mad. For me, it is one of the bestContinue reading “Storms and a hot cocoa”

They’ve groomed me well

As a happy owner of five cats I’ve always known I was the cats’ slave. There is no shame in it. One has to be mature enough to acknowledge their own desires and limitations in order to admit that one’s life is better when they truly give themselves over to cat slavery. I stopped resistingContinue reading “They’ve groomed me well”

The book is out and I’m out too

Magic and Medicine is out in the world and I feel so incredibly tired. I don’t know why, but it felt like like a marathon this time. Now I’m sitting and twiddling my thumbs, waiting for recommendations, reviews and, of course sales whilst working in the meantime at my normal doctor job. I once askedContinue reading “The book is out and I’m out too”

I think Mark was trying to kill me

He is a wonderful man who drives and picks me up from work each time I’m working late. Especially since the weather in Cornwall is challenging at best, and pouring rain happens more often than not. So yesterday, he came as usual, and I had loaded myself into a car. My head is still inContinue reading “I think Mark was trying to kill me”

The charm of Polish accent

Well, I had an embarrassing moment at work. I think it probably happens to all non-native speakers every once in a while, and today was my turn. It happens often to me and usually in the weirdest situations. I got used to not being able to pronounce ship/sheep/shit/sheet correctly, always wondering if what I’m sayingContinue reading “The charm of Polish accent”