Daddy Bear Voice

I never thought I would say that a perfect audiobook exists, but man, I was wrong. Recently out of boredom, I was scrolling through Audible and found this gem. ‘Hell Fae Captive’ Dark Fantasy Romance by Lexi Foss and J.R Thorn Would I find this book to be as captivating if I read it? ProbablyContinue reading “Daddy Bear Voice”

The ARCs, The book and the tiredness.

I’m the most disorganised person ever and that is never a good trait when you are an indie author. I know I missed my regular blog update, but mainly because the last week really kicked my rearend. First we had the ARC release – the majority of the ARC team getting the standard eBook butContinue reading “The ARCs, The book and the tiredness.”

The yearning for emotional constipation.

The last few days were a rollercoaster. We participated in ‘Stuff Your Kindle Day’ and got 15k  downloads and sales for the rest of the series. That gives me the hope that maybe between those thousands of people who downloaded the book, we will get a little luck and be noticed by the mainstream audience.Continue reading “The yearning for emotional constipation.”

Divorce in the marketplace

With the upcoming release of Summer Veil and the end of the Season’s War series, we are planning some nice PR boxes for those of our Street Team who read, reviewed and lauded our books. I want to make it really lovely, and when we were walking around Truro Craft Fair today, I was engrossedContinue reading “Divorce in the marketplace”