Bookish Sunday- a couple of great news and announcements.

First, a surprise came to us from Germany, where we sold so many copies and out of the blue. We never advertised there but somehow it made this country our biggest market this month.

I’m not sure what happened but thank you so much, Deutschland!

Second, on Thursday, we had our second book back from the editor with annotations:

Here is your order! I was so pulled in by this story, I ended up finishing it earlier than expected because I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it! 


I must admit it made me very happy. If a professional editor who reads books for work still liked our story so much that she finished editing it 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled time, I think it bodes well for Winter Dragon’s success. Now I can speed up with other things to be ready for the 18th December release date.

We still looking forward to adding readers to our ARC team because, as with everything in the publishing world, the more, the merrier and starting with good reviews can increase the book’s chances for success on the market. We really want our second book to succeed, so if you read and liked AUTUMN CHAOS and would like to have early access to WINTER DRAGON, please sign yourself up here we will distribute ARC copies closer to the 15th of November to give you time to read it.

For our VIP readers, the lovely people who left the reviews on Autumn Chaos keep getting in touch with us and liked our books so much they keep recomend it on their own and their friends social channels, we decided to sent a hardback of ARC copy of WINTER DRAGON as soon as we have it available in print.

With such encouragement, I’m back to writing the third book in the series, and as I’m on the last chapters, we have a very good chance to have it ready for the spring release. Stay tuned, and consider spreading the word on our books or you have already done this please, drop us a link, and I will post it on the website/newsletter and our own social channels.

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