It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p

I was on shift at the hospital today, and… safe to say I almost peed myself laughing, but not just me. My colleague, a medical specialist consultant, was there too, and the story our nurses told during their lunch break left us helpless for a good 20 minutes because we couldn’t stop laughing. So theContinue reading “It’s the 21st century and they gave them a fucking bell ;p”

Getting old between new things

So I gave myself an early birthday present and learned how old I truly am. During the last year, I spent so much time bent over the laptop that, more often than not, I thought of buying myself something more mobile and lighter. Something that would allow me to spend more time elsewhere than sittingContinue reading “Getting old between new things”

Not a bad hair day

Sometimes you have to stop writing your book and go to the work that actually pays your bills … and is an endless source of entertainment. You have to know, I love my nurses. The majority of them are professional, experienced and crazy enough to choose emergency nursing as their trade, and THAT is evenContinue reading “Not a bad hair day”

Sunday snippets Magic and Medicine- ARC open

‘Fuck! How do I combat something like that? Would ice help get rid of that mark? Or should I cut it out or say abracadabra? How can I save her when you aren’t there?’ Nina’s matter-of-fact approach left me speechless. I looked at Adam, who stood before the coffee machine, pretending to figure out itsContinue reading “Sunday snippets Magic and Medicine- ARC open”

Divorce in the marketplace

With the upcoming release of Summer Veil and the end of the Season’s War series, we are planning some nice PR boxes for those of our Street Team who read, reviewed and lauded our books. I want to make it really lovely, and when we were walking around Truro Craft Fair today, I was engrossedContinue reading “Divorce in the marketplace”

Sundowners – Bermuda Triangle of dementia

Yesterday’s shift was challenging in many ways, but mostly because we had a “Bermuda Triangle of sundowners”. If you never heard about sundowners, those are patients with dementia that suffer hyperactive nocturnal activity and personality changes as soon as the sun goes down. Seriously, it looks like a clip from Dr Jekyll’s/Mr Hyde’s situation. YouContinue reading “Sundowners – Bermuda Triangle of dementia”

Fight or flight or Teenagers

We are a happy “owners” of a 14 year old daughter who as of this year discovered the glory of looking pretty and attracting pretty teenage boys. Normal thing you say. Well unless you have to live with one obsessed with her hair. On Friday her school was taking her class to the county fair,Continue reading “Fight or flight or Teenagers”

Drink writing or count your cocks ;p

Never, ever write when you are drunk. Learn from the older and wiser me that made this mistake a few days ago. I just wanted to add an extra smexy scene to the chapter of Royal Inspector(new standalone). I like to write smexy scenes. I have enough life experience to make it kinky and enjoyable,Continue reading “Drink writing or count your cocks ;p”

We got the cover … and that’s a surprise

I’m wagging my proverbial tail because we finally have a cover for the last instalment of the Season’s War series, SUMMER VEIL, and frankly, it is gorgeous. Rich, vivid and very much in our style. I’m incredibly proud because this time, we contracted a very talented artist, and, oh man, she delivered. (I’m going toContinue reading “We got the cover … and that’s a surprise”