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8th of February only – FREE books on Amazon Worldwide (click on the picture)

Snippet time – this time from Spring Blight third book in the series.

Plus bonus illustration from Winter Dragon (pre-order HERE 😋) Everyone was already there when she entered Rewan’s office, but to her surprise, the king looked anxious. It was rather odd, as he kept a straight face in the direst of circumstances. Mar and Kaian had already dived into military strategy, evaluating it from every angle,Continue reading “Snippet time – this time from Spring Blight third book in the series.”

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulation to our winners. Please check your email boxes (including the spam folders, as the rewards will be coming shortly). I would also like to let you know our new Giveaway, “Get to know Ina”, will start tomorrow on the day of the book release AND that AUTUMN CHAOS eBook will be free worldwide forContinue reading “Congratulations to the winners!”

Fix what’s not broken(I’m EPIC) 🤣

Or how I tried to fix our perfectly working website .
Magic of turning it on and off

Only a month left…and a fridge magnets.

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