Snippet time – this time from Spring Blight third book in the series.

Plus bonus illustration from Winter Dragon (pre-order HERE 😋)

Everyone was already there when she entered Rewan’s office, but to her surprise, the king looked anxious. It was rather odd, as he kept a straight face in the direst of circumstances. Mar and Kaian had already dived into military strategy, evaluating it from every angle, and she could not help but smile, seeing how their minds synchronised regarding military matters.

Mar wanted to incorporate were-people into the king’s guards, especially in the role of the sentinels. Ina had to admit it was an excellent idea. Their heightened senses could provide invaluable intel and an additional level of protection, but Kaian didn’t seem convinced. Was that the reason she was called?

‘Ina, I’m glad you’re here.’ Rewan noticed her first. She smiled and settled on the windowsill’s pillow, looking at the gathering. She saw Kaian stop his conversation and move to the king, placing a hand on his shoulder in a reassuring gesture.

‘So, what catastrophe are we dealing with now?’

Her light tone and playful wink were meant to relieve the tension, but she saw Rewan pale and his advisor’s fingers tightened on the king’s shoulder.

‘Oh, for fuck’s sake, just tell me.’ Ina said, jumping down and approaching the king. ‘You are not dying or something?’ She grabbed Rewan’s chin and tilted his head, looking for concerning signs. The tension burst and Rewan pulled back with a brief chuckle.

‘No, I’m not dying. I’m thinking of getting married.’

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