Only a month left…and a fridge magnets.

The jobs were done, and we decided to entertain ourselves a little at the local ComiCon in Truro. I was initially a bit hesitant as with only a month left to book release, I feel like I’m living in “under-time” with so many things to do and so little time to do it, but Mark was right and having a little break helped me gathered my thoughts.

For some reason, I gathered all Autumn Chaos promo fridge magnets before we went out. Don’t ask me why. My brain sometimes works in mysterious ways, but as we were browsing the stalls and local artists, I connected with local fantasy craftsmen and, well, we use fridge magnets as our business cards. 😁

Bizarre as it sounds, it seemed to work pretty well, albeit people were surprised getting such business card, and I couldn’t stop laughing when thinking about my opportunistic traits. I’m sure I could sell the ice cream in the Antarctic if I want it hard enough. Of course when I was working my butt off around the promo Mark, in the meantime, was drooling over the swords and armour. At the end I promised him that I would buy him something sharp and shiny once he finished editing the second book (nothing like a positive reinforcement as Mark is the main editor of our books).

Because that’s where we are now. Tomorrow I will get the final edit of Autumn Chaos from our editor and send it for formatting and, of course, to our awesome ARC readers. I admit I’m equally happy and terrified for this release. There is still so much to do in such a short period, mainly formatting, adverts and promos.

Oh, did I mention we are thinking of organising a £25 Amazon gift card contest or giveaway at the end of August? Is it a good idea?

We are relaxing today and making monkey videos from the ComiCon, and we are both also too tired to cook, so … sushi takeaway it is.  

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