’tis Amazon malarky gave me an ulcer.

Yesterday was a day when I use all anti reflux medications we have at home. Had panic attack, meltdown, rage fit and cold overhelming fury … right before I sorted the issue. So what happen. Well, indie authors knows the pleasure to publish via the Amazon KDP. It is easy, it is handly it opensContinue reading “’tis Amazon malarky gave me an ulcer.”

When life gives you a bit to much to handle

I’m multitasking so much lately I sometimes feel I don’t have energy to do anything else, and yet there are always tings to do. My mom valiantly fights her cancer when I’m trying to help from the back line. Still the feeling of being helpless doesn’t give a good background to do anything else. ItContinue reading “When life gives you a bit to much to handle”

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