When life gives you a bit to much to handle

I’m multitasking so much lately I sometimes feel I don’t have energy to do anything else, and yet there are always tings to do.

My mom valiantly fights her cancer when I’m trying to help from the back line. Still the feeling of being helpless doesn’t give a good background to do anything else. It also doesn’t help that I’m grounded with meniscal tear to my knee and left to hobble around the house. Still, this gave me the opportunity to finish final revision to Autumn Chaos and complete the Glossary before book goes for copy-editing and typesetting.

You may ask why I still keep doing this in the light of family problems but and I found out focusing on something helps. You have no time to have bad thoughts when you dive deeply into fantasy world polishing every sentence to perfection. It helps me to stay grounded and keep my head above the sea of troubles. The cats help as well with my lovely girl Zuza practically living on my lap, and I found an awesome group of people on the Facebook in the group called Fantasy Romance Shelf . It feels like our target readers and superb bunch of friendly people, I just love to chat too.

I’m also editing Winter Dragon together with Mark. We are doing the double tap, I’m few chapter ahead and he edit after my edit – we found out that this works best.

Oh and we get to 101 subscribes to our webpage. And that is freaking awesome. I know some authors have tens of thousands but I’m grateful for every single one of you that give us your vote.

That’s all for chaotic updates, and if I go a little bit quiet, you know the reason.

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