Should I call an exorcist?

I’m the happy stepmother of a teenager. Yeah… I know it sucks sometimes, but I’m hoping it will get better with age, and I won’t have to pick up dirty pants and half-eaten sandwiches from her room. Also, maybe with years, we will have more social animal who will emerge from her cave more oftenContinue reading “Should I call an exorcist?”

Raging dad, and drama llama daughter

Yup, you guessed it right; we had a small teenager catastrophe in the house yesterday. Mark’s normally pleasant and well-behaved daughter decided Friday was a day to become a full-blown teenager and go wild. Let me tell you about it. We were excited to have “an adult long weekend”, one of the rarest occasions whenContinue reading “Raging dad, and drama llama daughter”

Half naked girl in the kitchen 🤣

Living with a teenager is full of surprise, just like yesterday when Mark’s daughter asked us if she could invite her friend after school. We were both at work and very happy for her to have some company. Imagine our surprise when we came home a few hours after, dog tired after a long day,Continue reading “Half naked girl in the kitchen 🤣”