Raging dad, and drama llama daughter

Yup, you guessed it right; we had a small teenager catastrophe in the house yesterday. Mark’s normally pleasant and well-behaved daughter decided Friday was a day to become a full-blown teenager and go wild.

Let me tell you about it.

We were excited to have “an adult long weekend”, one of the rarest occasions when she goes to her mom. We have not only Saturday and Sunday free but Friday and Monday. We wanted to go shopping, do all mundane things on Friday morning, and the rest of our free time dedicate to writing books, editing books … and some drinking and sexual debauchery. Or, as Mar like to call it, “he will edit the hell out of me.”🤣

Suddenly, in the middle of the shopping trip, he got a phone call from school that the daughter didn’t turn up for lessons. Well… shit happens. We all have been there, skipping a day or two, but she got caught, so it was the time to scorn her. Mainly to teach her, don’t do stupid if you don’t know how to do them safely.

And that’s where the problem started. The bloody child not just didn’t pick up the phone. She turned it off completely. So no contact, no locations, nil, nada, nothing.

And Mark went berserk, like a proper raging dad mode, guns blazing, exhaust burning.

When I did the evil step-mom thing and informed all of her friends from the social media network (I’ve shamelessly hacked into) that if she doesn’t turn up at home or turn on her phone. I will be ANGRY. Mark went for a ride.

After driving around half of the Cornwall, he finally caught them. (I will take my credit for her phone suddenly blasting to life, so we know the location). And half an hour later, I had a delivery of a snotty crying child who thought no one would know about her adventures.

I used my best impersonation of my mother, who was terrifying with her “explain to me what you did wrong” discussion that always left you trembling like a leaf, and I dished the punishment.

So now the child is stripped of her electronic rights, phone, laptop, or internet. Not for skipping school but for doing the cruellest thing you can do to a father–turning off the phone and becoming a “missing child” for 3 long hours.

Now it’s sorted, and we can go back to editing and debauchery. 😋

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