Iceland – my dream come true

I love to scroll through TikTok and news articles first thing in the morning when we have time to relax in bed. Mark reads his manga comics and peeks over my shoulder when I watch any funny stuff I find.

Today, the first thing I saw was news about an Icelandic town evacuated because of an eruption, and a little girl carried her cat to safety.

Well… Fuck.

Since I was a child, I have had this recurring, quite traumatic dream of a volcano eruption.

I was born and raised in Poland – we don’t have any active volcanoes there. I wasn’t near any volcanoes, so I don’t know where this dream came from. I blame the stress of my work or writing or something I watched recently, but looking at the pictures on the internet, I can’t shake off the feeling that if reincarnation exists, I was a bloody islander.

It’s all because, in my dream, I’m the only person aware that there is an imminent eruption, and I’m trying to gather all my family members, load them on the cart or to the car (this varies) and take them all to safety.

That includes my cats.

Did you ever try to herd five cats whilst facing danger when a volcano rumbles in the background, blazing red plumes of magma lighting up the sky?

I sometimes succeed (yay for my hero dream), but it always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth when I realise so many people I knew didn’t survive, and all I could do was keep my family safe. Sometimes, I lose (yup, welcome to the die-in-the-fire nightmare) and had to watch those I love burning to ashes.

Watching the news today was like watching my dream come true. Now, I have a slight paranoia about what else my dream might mean.

Do you have any recurring dreams that give you chills? Or am I the only bonkers one here?

**I’m not going to mention the engineer sitting next to me who wanted to use a controlled explosion to see what happens when you try to steer a volcanic eruption.**

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