Ups and Downs

Being a writer sometimes feels like you suffer from bipolar personality disorder. Yesterday, I came home from work too tired to even produce one coherent sentence, not to mention writing an elaborate plot for The Royal Inspector. Too tired to do anything but a couple of promo posts, I felt so bad about it that I practically cried on Mark’s lap, complaining that I felt inadequate and that I didn’t know what to do to make my books more successful.

Today, I woke up to a decent KENP read on Kindle; five books sold overnight, including paperbacks and a few reviews, so I sat down and wrote an entire heart-wrenching chapter, and the words simply flowed onto the screen like a dream, making me feel instantly better about myself, my work as a doctor, and my progress as a writer.

I even cleaned the house today and did a massive laundry (despite cleaners coming tomorrow), now I’m sitting in the garden with my girlfriend (my cat Zuza), feeling quite accomplished, thinking about what I can still do because the day is young and I have the energy to do things.

Or maybe I will just relax and listen to an audiobook, especially since I found out my new smutty fave – Noir Reformatory by Lexy C Foss, which I can recommend to those of you that like feather-stuffed angel smut. Trust me, on audiobook, it will make you blush.

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