Getting old between new things

So I gave myself an early birthday present and learned how old I truly am. During the last year, I spent so much time bent over the laptop that, more often than not, I thought of buying myself something more mobile and lighter. Something that would allow me to spend more time elsewhere than sitting in the lounge next to my specially crafted by Mark table, which is sturdy enough to carry my massive gaming laptop.

I always followed the rule that it is better to buy once, even if it is expensive but long-lasting, than spend money on countless cheap and falling apart items, so I ended up with Samsung Book Pro.

OMG, that is a good thing. Talking about light laptops, this thing weighs almost the same as my phone, and it is a 17’ screen. It is fast, intuitive with a perfect screen, super reliable, and so quiet I can use it while Mark snoring with his head on my lap. It has only one fault – it is not my old laptop where every icon had its rightful place.

I know when you are older, you are supposed to grow overly attached to things and customs, but it is almost midnight, and I spent half a day trying to make my laptop mirror the old one as much as it is humanly possible. It irks me that I can’t have precisely the old settings, that some things are missing when others improved to the point I don’t recognise them any more. It doesn’t matter that my old laptop is 7 years old (I bought it as the high end of the time, and it still works like a dream but is heavy as hell)  

So, I want my new one to be exactly like the old one because I’m grumpy, old, git set in my ways, and I suspect it will worsen with age. But hey, I have a new laptop and can write anywhere, even on holiday, as soon as I set it in my old ways, of course. 😊

And if you every want super light awesome laptop go for Samsung it is worth every penny

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