Sunday snippets Magic and Medicine- ARC open

‘Fuck! How do I combat something like that? Would ice help get rid of that mark? Or should I cut it out or say abracadabra? How can I save her when you aren’t there?’ Nina’s matter-of-fact approach left me speechless. I looked at Adam, who stood before the coffee machine, pretending to figure out its controls.

‘You can’t help unless you cut the rune out of her skin. You need magic to help effectively.’ I said while Nina frowned.
‘Then I will do it if helps, but how…’ she said, stopping when we heard Adam’s grumbling.
‘I told you. She is impossible and keeps asking pointless questions. The bloody woman even inspected my teeth, asking if they were hollow. I’m a bloody vampire, not a dentist.’ He said, shrugging when I sent him a questioning look, knowing Adam didn’t let women boss him around

‘You told me she had to be safe, so I kept her safe, even when she pushed her fingers into my mouth, but that ends now. You can beat the shit out of me, but I’m not spending another day in her company.’
‘Just because you are too stupid to answer my questions doesn’t mean they are pointless, or that I’m a troublemaker. I have valid concerns, and you are just an asshole.’ Nina said, burning with righteous indignation, making the vampire shrink in his chair.
‘Oh…’ That was all I mustered to say before the image of Nina inspecting Adam’s teeth for cavities broke me, and I roared, shaking from laughter.

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